[updated]YQQ Arts & Culture Program Open for Submissions

We’re pleased to announce the opening of submissions for our annual exhibit in collaboration with Comox Valley Airport.

We are extremely grateful to the Comox Airport Authority, for placing a high priority on showcasing the visual arts, of Vancouver Island, as part of their tourism marketing.

As with everyone, arts and tourism were significantly impacted by the COVID pandemic. All shows and events were put on hold and travel to Vancouver Island ground to a halt.  Through all of the craziness of 2020, artists were given the gift of time to explore new techniques, participate in online classes and develop a new body of work.

Now, as we see the restrictions lifting and vaccination rates increasing, the anticipation of reuniting with love ones and exploring our beautiful island,  it seems appropriate that “Renewal” be the theme for the 2021/2022 Comox Valley Airport Show.

We invite you to consider what “Renewal” means to you and what it means, in general, as the world begins to open up.

Learn more here.

PLEASE NOTE: submission fee has changed, we recognized there was a mix up in the process, and it has been adjusted back to $15 per submission, as it has been for the last number of years.

Deadline for submissions: October 1, 2021.

Exhibition dates: November 1, 2021 – May 30, 2022.


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