Why go digital?


“Digital practice is now common practice in many organisations. It is however still new, still “R&D” for arts and culture organisations who, through the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, have been collaborating with technology and design specialists to explore new digital opportunities, share learning and engage with audiences in new ways.”

Even before this global pandemic, Arts & Culture were “going digital”… but the uptake has been slow, compared to many sectors. Partly due to the hands-on nature of the arts – it’s not an automatic evolution to be digital beyond perhaps a photograph or recording. This new age we find ourselves in is changing that. It’s demanding it, in fact, if you want to be “seen” and reach your audience right now, being digitally inclined or even focused, makes a difference.

This toolkit, created by Arts Council England through their Digital R&D Fund for the Arts (sadly not available to us here in Canada) offers a fantastic walk-through of the hows, whys, whos and whats of making a transition to, or expanding through, digital means.

We highly recommend taking a look if you are at all inclined toward making the leap to a new format for your work, or exploring something completely different to expand your practice.

READ IT HERE on the ArtBC website. ArtsBC have a full range of useful links and resources for creatives… we recommend checking that out, too!

Looking for some inspiration for HOW you could take your work or your organization further into a digital transformation? Look at these projects in the UK…