2018-19 YQQ Exhibit

Thank you for joining us, and taking the time to experience this sample of the vast array of visual art styles and expressions that can be found among the hundreds of artists in the Central and North Vancouver Island region.

This is an exceptional opportunity for the artists, whose work can be seen by more than 600,000 airport visitors each season. 

This year’s curated exhibit is themed around “Expressions of Gratitude,” embodied by the many gifts that surround us in our region, in both our natural and our built environment.

Comox Valley Airport and Comox Valley Arts – Your Community Arts Council – share a strong collaborative bond through this public art program (for nearly twenty years now). Welcoming and seeing off travellers among this creative energy has helped firmly establish a sense of beauty in place.

All of the pieces you can see are available for acquisition, by contacting the artist directly. We encourage you to learn more about these and other local artists that may capture your imagination by visiting the Comox Valley Arts website: comoxvalleyarts.com/yqq

If you wish to be notified of the open call for entry, please join our mailing list.

Titled “Expressions of Gratitude”, this show will run for six months from November 2018 to May 2019.

Corre Alice
Under Currents, Mixed Media, 74"x37"

I have overwhelming gratitude of all that the ocean gives us. I spent my childhood on the beach and it’s salt, I’m sure, has become part of me. Contact: [email protected]

David Ballantyne
March, Oil on canvas, 30" x 30"

As the cold and and wind of winter storms wind down we are thankful for the return of spring and the promise of flower filled gardens. Contact: [email protected]

Ingrid Bollegraaf
Oceans Alive, Photography, 20" x 36"

As a compound, oxygen is present in water. Water releases oxygen to the marine life and into the air for all to breathe. This is my expression of gratitude, the oceans that keep all living creatures alive. Contact: [email protected]

Christine Boyer
Long Weekend, Acrylic on Canvas, 8' x 11'

Gratitude for our beautiful surroundings and a body of water that hosts so much life. Gratitude for the people who work so tirelessly to raise awareness on ocean issues and protect the species who live in these waters. Gratitude for our stunning coast and the days we get to enjoy it. Contact: [email protected]

Grant Cameron
A Dialogue of Forms, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Diptyche, 4'-6" High by 6'-9" Wide

My work often engages with ideas, topographies and trajectories hidden from ordinary awareness. At first glance the piece I offer for your consideration may seem highly abstract and only remotely connected to your theme, it is in truth a work that was inspired or rather inspirited by Charles Edenshaw, the renowned Haida artist and chief. I was blessed to see and study his work at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Although, he is long gone from this world, I entered into a sustained “Dialogue of Forms” with a fellow artist whose spirit none-the-less communicates something otherworldly, living on through his work. Contact: [email protected]

Ronald Coutts
Salmon Fishing On The Puntledge, Enhanced photo on canvas, 44" x 30"

On Vancouver Island there is an abundance of activities, festivals, art and culture to enjoy. We have clean air to breathe,clean water to drink ,a variety of marine life and an abundance of fresh food.The image that I have chosen shows sports fishing for salmon on the Puntledge River. The picture was taken in the middle of October and also shows some fall colours as our season prepares to change over to winter. For all this and more, we are thankful to be able to exist in this region of Canada.
Contact: [email protected]

Richard Farrington
Filberg Lodge Giclée, Print on Canvas, 24" x 36" x 1.5"

As a digital artist, I’m thankful to be blessed with the ability, the technology, and the accessibility to the seductive environment of the fascinating corner of the world which is Vancouver Island. I hope this gratitude is reflected and communicated to the viewer in this piece of photographic art. Contact: [email protected]

Richard Farrington
Comox Glacier, Giclée Print on Canvas, 16" x 48" x 1.5"

As a digital artist, I’m thankful to be blessed with the ability, the technology, and the accessibility to the seductive environment of the fascinating corner of the world which is Vancouver Island. I hope this gratitude is reflected and communicated to the viewer in this piece of photographic art. Contact: [email protected].com

Ian Fry
Gwaii Haanas, Acrylic on Canvas, 22" x 60"

I was sailing off the west coast of Gwaii Haanas ,looking over the glassy swells to the archipelago and feeling that if I were part of the first people who had the same view thousands of years ago , this would be a good place to call our home. Contact: [email protected]

Jayson Fuerstenberg
Breach, Graphite on Paper, 31 x 50 inches

The breaching of whales has been studied for years. Why they leap high into the air and crash back into the water with their massive bodies remains a mystery. Perhaps it is some form of communication or has an other utilitarian purpose but I like to think that it is an expression of joy or thankfulness. For the companionship of its pod, the ocean itself, or simply the joy of life.

It is this feeling that I have tried to capture in “Breach”.

Contact [email protected]

Fran Goldberg
Thanks For the Light, Acrylic, 24" x 24"

I am ever thankful to see the beautiful light and colours that shine through our skies and reflect in our waters. “Thanks for the Light”, although not consciously planned, seems to capture these feelings of awe and gratitude. Contact: [email protected]

Lisa Joan
Babs, Acrylic on Canvas , 48" x 60"

Gratitude isn’t a concept we often think about in relation to wildlife. Anthropomorphism is something we try to avoid when talking about animals, but there is something beautiful about the idea that a creature could feel similar emotions to us. It’s a common practice as humans to give thanks for the food that we receive, after all it keeps us alive and thriving. So I think the idea that an animal could be thankful to the Salmon for their meal is a really interesting concept. Contact: [email protected]

Saskia King
Pot of Gold, Oil, 30"x30"

Nature is such a wondrous miracle that it gives me deep joy and makes me grateful for its generous gifts every single day. Contact: [email protected]

Bette Kosmolak
Joy, Acrylic on Canvas, 30"x40"

‘Joy’ is an expression of gratitude for all the flowers that will bloom in the valley – cultivated and wild. It’s also an expression of my gratitude for other community artists because this painting flowed onto the canvas with ease the day after being inspired by Art Alchemy’s Square Foot show. Contact: [email protected]

Marsha Mackinnon
Homage to Yemaya, Ocean Goddess, Photo Giclée on canvas, 40” wide x 28” high

Living on Vancouver Island, we often take our clean water and fresh air for granted. The Ocean Goddess Yemaya, the mother of all, is the source of all waters including rivers. Yemaya is the protector. Her colours are blue and white and one pays homage to her by tossing white flowers into the sea. Rocks, painted blue with white flowers, are respectfully dedicated to Yemaya in appreciation of her protection and guardianship for those who venture into our oceans. We are so grateful to her. Contact:[email protected]

Mary Madiline McMahon
WATER SERIES #6 RAIN, Oil on Canvas, 29in x 21in

Thankful for rain. An emotion we felt.
Contact: [email protected]

Trish Malcomess
The Sound of Colour, Oil on Linen, 24" x 24"

The Hills and Vales of this region are alive with sound and colour that stirs an appreciation of this place we call home. Colour has the potential to create an atmosphere and feeling through a work of art and the colours in this painting were carefully selected to provide a sense of appreciation, expectancy, warmth and welcome into the Pacific NorthWest experience of discovery of what lies beyond this point of entry.

Trisha Scarlett Milne
Sweet Summer (Comox), Watercolour, 28 x 14

Summer light and heat come so briefly to the Comox Valley. Savouring each moment, feeling the sun on our skin, is a rare treat. This boat sat on this beach for many years, trusting the neighbours to allow this addition to the public access. Gratitude for the brief moments of warmth and beauty, is embodied in this work. Contact: [email protected]

Marilyn Peeters
Lost in the Fireweeds, Acrylic on canvas, 30" x 36"

Within the Comox Valley’s beauty you can find fields of fireweed within our local mountain sides during early summer. This wild flower gives off an amazing fragrance and sheen of colour in areas that were once logged or an area where there was a forest fire. Not only is this weed beautiful to look at they create food for the local people. Many of our local farmers set up honeybee hives within our local mountain areas to collect the honey and sell this organic product in our local markets. Contact: [email protected]

Bev Petersen
The Fog Has Lifted, Acrylic, 24" x 36"

When I moved to the Comox Valley twenty four years ago there was something hauntingly familiar about the panoramic views from Back Road, but it was not until a year ago I was compelled to take a few photos and capture the scene that constantly fills me with gratitude ……gratitude for the history, culture, diversity and beauty I call home. Contact: [email protected]

Martha Ponting
Paradise Found, Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 60"

Often I hear people spontaneously referring to life in the Comox Valley as “paradise”. For instance, I’ll say “Nice day!” to a passing stranger who then replies “Another day in paradise”. This painting captures some elements of the bountiful life I am so grateful to enjoy here in the Comox Valley, such as the magnificent views, the abundant wildlife, the rich contributions of the First Nations, the sea and mountains, the lush agricultural lands, and the amazing talents of numerous artists. Contact: [email protected]

Deb Salmon
Point Holmes Rock, Oils on Canvas, 30"x40"

This gentle tide pulls back a wet blue blanket revealing earthshine-gold sand and unearths it’s hidden treasures of the majestic rocks of Point Holmes. Contact: [email protected]

Susan Schaefer
To the West Coast, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 24"

Each day I wake up and I think how truly grateful I am to be at this stage of my life and to live on the west coast of Canada. We are surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty.

Through my artwork I try to show and emphasize how it’s the simple things in life that mean the most. All you have to do is open your eyes and take a look.

My art represents my life and it is this kind of beauty that I see each day and pass it onto the viewer.
Contact: [email protected]

Carol Schinkel
Turquoise Kitchen, Acrylic, 24x24

The kitchen is the heart of the home and where many family gatherings for meals and good conversation begin.

I am personally grateful to live in a home where my kitchen offers that safety and love.
Contact:[email protected]

Stephanie Wood
Traces: Walking Point Holmes, Colour photography, 13” by 17” , plus a fine edge frame

These footprints and bike marks in the sand are made over and over again, in time, by whole varieties of people whoafter walk the footpath at Point Holmes in gratitude and joy. Our traces, walking the beauty and grace of the eastern edge of central Vancouver Island. Contact: [email protected]