Have you tried to write about your creative business, only to feel blocked or unable to properly convey the passion you feel about what you do in a way that others connect with?

25-year professional writer & 15-year booking agent/event producer/promoter, Lilith Klassen, teaches this 6-class series focused on assisting people with creative businesses write bios, blogs and post ups on social media to better promote their businesses.

We'll be covering the essentials of a) good writing, b) compelling story-telling and c) getting over your fear of self-promotion.

This is not a technical class on using the platforms to share your stories.
Bring an old-fashioned notebook & pen (or your device/laptop if you prefer).

NEXT SESSION: February 2019


Class 1: Express Yourself!
The first class teaches even the most introverted creative how to write a bio, intro or an About section for their business like an extrovert.

Class 2: The Right Words
The second class will hone the words and ways you use to describe your creations, products & business to the world.

Class 3: Expansion
The third class covers expanding promotion of your creative business into new areas you may not have thought of previously.

Class 4: Blogging & Social Media Posts
The fourth class will explore how to start up/liven up a blog and how to most effectively use each form of major social media.

Class 5: Seeding the Spread
The fifth class covers how you can push your creative product without being pushy, spreading awareness of what you do to the world in a manner that feels natural and not overbearing.

Class 6: Focus and Fine Tuning
During the final class, Lilith will work with each person who has attended to focus and fine tune promotion of your creative business, based on the niche needs of the craft practiced.