Planning and Strategy for Makers and Creators

Getting "out there" with a plan for success is critical to actually achieving success.

If you are planning to actively market and directly sell your work - to gift stores, on Etsy, in Markets, at Trade Shows... there are essential skills you need to have a handle on that will help ensure your success and sustainability.

We have partnered with MYCEO of Vancouver, to create and present business & marketing planning skill-building sessions for you!

From Passion to Profits – How to Market Your Brand

Next Session: Fall 2018
Where: TBA

What does it take to market your creative brand?
Building a strong brand combines well-crafted words, engaging visuals and a strategic go-to-market plan.

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Crafting a Strategy for Your Year

Next Session: May 8, 2018 – 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Where: Vancouver Island Visitor Centre, off the Connector.

As an artist, you may not have put much thought into business planning, but having a well thought out strategy can make a big difference to your success.

DETAILS & REGISTRATION. Seats are limited. Sign up now!


These workshops are presented by myCEO

We are invested in your success!
myCEO helps take your organization to the next level. We support entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mission-based organizations helping them navigate the complexity of competing priorities as their businesses grow and evolve.

We get it! We’ve been there!

At myCEO, we specialize in digital marketing, brand development and brand strategy, sales process, change management, business plan creation and growth execution. Other areas of expertise include operations and logistics, costing and budget analysis, hiring, training, personnel management and team building.

Connect with MYCEO to take your organization to the next level.

myCEO is:

Betty Hasker

Betty is an entrepreneur and senior level manager with expertise and knowledge in a wide breadth of industries, both with for and not for profit companies. Being both creative and technically skilled, Betty knows how to communicate effectively with key audiences. Helping clients meet their goals, whether that means increasing online influence, acquiring more leads, or growing a customer base, Betty has a proven track-record in implementing successful business strategy and social media engagement, helping companies grow to the next level.

Glorie Averbach

Glorie is a business coach and tech entrepreneur with career experience in business development, marketing and brand strategy, as well as operational execution. Glorie is an analytical team player and leader, with a positive and “nothing is impossible” attitude who excels in team and relationship building. Skilled in communications and project management, Glorie works tirelessly to find and connect insights that will make a meaningful impact for individuals, companies and organizations.