Our newest program, Nurture, celebrates the resiliency of our creative community.

The pandemic wreaked havoc on the livelihoods of all artists, all over the world, instantly rendering so many of you unable to share your work, and unable to get paid. It left you stranded in the grey zone when the Government started to help – unsure where, or even IF, you fit into the criteria for support. 

We recognize how difficult that was, and continues to be, for so many of our members. 

As we round the corner into winter, and a 4th quarter of pandemic reality, we invite you to share your stories, and your strength, with our community.

We want to celebrate you!

In addition to our kick-off story-sharing project, we will host virtual and small in-person sessions for peer-support and collaborative work. 

These will be based around various themes that emerge from the stories we are told. 

In this pilot phase, creative folk are encouraged to come forward with ideas and programs of their own that fit this framework of mental wellness through creative pursuits. 

To share what you’re working on, please reach out to [email protected] if you’d like to join in!