Produced by Comox Valley Arts Council,
Presented by Downtown Courtenay Business Improvement Association
Contact: [email protected] | 250-650-5425

Please read thoroughly.

Our receipt of your registration indicates that you have read, acknowledge, understand and agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement.


  1. All vendors must complete a vendor profile form to be eligible to participate.
  2. VENDOR is responsible for ensuring we have received your registration. You should receive an email immediately following registration, as well as for each market date you register for.  CHECK YOUR SPAM. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, contact the Market Coordinator ([email protected])
  3. ALL registrations are subject to final approval. Presenters and producers reserve the right to decline a registration deemed unsuitable. Declined registrations will be refunded in full.
  4. Registrations are for single vendors ONLY. If you wish to share your space, please contact the Market Coordinator FIRST to discuss.
  5. Sharing your site with an unregistered vendor, or sub-leasing your site is NOT permitted.
  6. Applications must include a brief description of ALL goods and services to be promoted in a site. Although we do not jury the markets, we reserve the right to limit the total number of vendors in each category and to decline anything deemed unfitting.
  7. Goods NOT permitted:
    • Weapons (of any sort),
    • anything that would technically be considered illegal (eg. counterfeit products, unlicensed copyrighted products)
    • pets or live animals of any sort,
    • garage sale bric-a-brac (curated collections of second hand items may be accepted - contact us to discuss),
    • imported mass-market products
  8. Massage therapists and other personal service providers who intend to offer services on site must provide a current insurance rider valid for the attending market dates.
  9. Food vendors must abide by all current VIHA regulations and must provide a VIHA permit with current decal OR a Temporary Market approval letter/permit, as well as proof of insurance. Proof of certification is required to advertise food as “organic”. A COPY OF YOUR VIHA MUST BE SUPPLIED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL and available for inspection at each market.
  10. Market Spaces will be numbered and numbers assigned by the Market Manager each week.
  11. Market Manager cannot promise consistent location each week.
  12. All vendors must check-in with Market Manager upon arrival to receive space # and any other critical details. Weekly emails will be sent with general information about each market.
  13. Standard spaces fit a 10x10 popup tent with a little breathing room. You must fit within those dimensions. You have about 1’ around your tent to spill into, but your wares & setup must not interfere with your neighbouring vendors.
  14. Food vendors with trucks over 12’ must book a double space. This includes any off-vehicle space or trailer hitches etc.
  15. Vendors are NOT permitted to change assigned spaces without permission from the Market Manager.
  16. We reserve the right to reassign spaces and relocate vendors as deemed necessary, at any time.


  1. Refunds may be requested until May 31 ONLY. The standard refund is the amount paid, less a $25.00 administration fee. If your product is declined for any reason no administration fee will be charged.
  2. Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be given after May 31. Period. Rescheduling may be an option if space is available on other dates.
  3. The market is a RAIN or SHINE event. NO refunds or discounts will be given for poor weather conditions.
  4. After June 1, the Market Coordinator must be notified a minimum of 48 hours prior (by Wednesday 6pm) to cancel an upcoming date, preferably by email. REFUNDS will not be
    given, however, if space is available, the Vendor may defer to a later market. A $10 administration fee will be invoiced for changing dates.
  5. All administrative fees must be paid before the Vendor’s next scheduled market. Fees will be invoiced for payment by credit card or etransfer.


  1. Market Zone will be closed to traffic at 2pm. Vendor vehicles ONLY will be permitted between 2:30-3:45pm. There is NO EARLY ACCESS. Period.
  2. There are specified loading zones, where you can unload your vehicle, and then repark. You must come back and move your gear to your spot by hand. We will have a limited number
    of dollies and carts available, but consider bringing your own if your gear is heavy.
  3. If your vehicle is your booth (eg. food trucks), arrangements may be made to arrive early to allow for easier navigation into your space. Please make these arrangements with the Market Manager directly.
  4. ALL VEHICLES (except food trucks) MUST BE OFF THE STREET by 3:45pm
  5. Vendors who arrive after 3:30pm MUST PARK AND WALK IN.
  6. ABSOLUTELY NO EARLY TAKEDOWNS PERMITTED. We must be concerned with safety for all. 8pm is the EARLIEST vendors may begin to strike spaces. Vehicles will not be allowed back in for pickup until 8:30pm, so pack up FIRST and then get your vehicle. Vehicles MUST enter the market zone in the correct flow for regular traffic. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. When in need of assistance for any situation, find the Market Manager in the Social Zone or find a market attendant in a safety vest to help you.


  1. Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a public event. Verbal and physical violence will not be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate ejection from the Market and potential cancellation of all future Markets. (The same is expected of our shoppers).
  2. Vendors must provide their own tents, tables, chairs, etc. Tents are optional, but strongly recommended.
  3. All tents must be weighted/anchored against wind. Tents must be in good repair, and can be any colour. Decoration of tents is encouraged to build on a festive atmosphere!
  4. If you require power you must inform the Market Manager at time of check-in, so you may be placed with best proximity to the power sources. You must supply your own CSA approved 12-gauge extension cord, in good repair.
  5. Power is available for LIGHTING and small electronics only. Consider purchasing your own portable power pack, if you have a display that requires substantial power.
  6. Vendors must keep all their product & personal effects within their space boundaries. Signage should not impede your neighbour, nor pedestrians. If you need more space, book a double!
  7. NO PARKING in the alley or the Market Zone. You must move your vehicle after unloading to allow space for other vendors to unload. Please do not take up all the closest parking to the market. Leave those spaces for SHOPPERS.
  8. Vendors are responsible for the cleanliness of their spaces and must remove all waste and litter at teardown.
  9. Food vendors: You MUST provide appropriate waste & recycling bins for your customers. Additionally, you are responsible for properly managing your on-board waste fluids and other emissions. There is no grey water disposal on site.
  10. Vendors must carry their own liability insurance. The producers, presenters and their staff and volunteers will NOT be responsible for injury to vendors, or damage/theft of vendors’ property in any way. You are responsible for keeping yourself and your wares/equipment safe and secure, and for mitigating possibility of damage or injury to the public.
  11. The market zone is a non-smoking area. You may not smoke in your space, and visitors will be directed to smoke OUTSIDE the main market zone, as per general smoking rules. If you need to smoke, make sure you have someone on hand to cover you so you can exit the market zone when needed.
  12. Generators may be used by Food Trucks only, and must be dampened and as quiet as possible.
  13. At our sole discretion, Comox Valley Arts and DCBIA reserve the right to deny entry or eject any Vendor who refuses to adhere to the policies of the Market.