Central Island Arts Guide FAQ

In Fall 2017, we start the all new, definitive publication for finding artists in Central Vancouver Island.

The Central Island Arts Guide is an in-depth directory open to anyone actively engaged in creative pursuits that they share with the public.

The Arts Guide ALSO INCLUDES the 2018 Central Island Studio Tour - May 26 & 27, 2018. And is an excellent vehicle for businesses & service providers who seek an arts-appreciative audience themselves. 

Who can participate:

Painters, potters, sculptors, musicians, writers, videographers, photographers, dancers, playwrights, museums, poets, pyrographers, designers, composers, choirs, dance schools, theatre companies, game designers, graphic artists, fashion designers, singers, collagers, screenprinters, lithographers, recording engineers...

It is open to both emerging & established artists, hobbyists and professionals. 

And any and all businesses and service providers who support the arts.

We offer both text listings (3 different sizes) and display ads.

What will it look like?

The Guide is a 4x9 full colour, professionally designed booklet. It will be divided into regions, and listings within each region will be alphabetical. Across all regions, a numbering system will be used, and those numbers will correspond to an interactive Google map, online. (Small general reference maps will be included in print, but driving maps will be on Google Maps).

Where will it be distributed?

A minimum 30,000 copies of the Arts Guide will be printed and distributed (by a service provider) throughout Vancouver Island, BC Ferries, Washington State Ferries and beyond. They will remain in circulation until the 2019 guide is published.

In addition, copies will be hand-delivered (and topped up quarterly) to arts-related & arts-friendly businesses throughout the Central Island and to select major arts locations around Vancouver Island and further afield.

When is the deadline to book?

Bookings for listings & display ads must be SUBMITTED by December 18, 2017. Payment must be received by January 14, 2018.

Why is it a dual guide this year?

We chose a dual guide to increase the visibility of our arts community, AND leverage the costs to allow for wider distribution, more promotion and longer lasting documents.

Prices start at $110.00 and INCLUDE:

  • 2018 membership in Comox Valley Arts*,
  • an editable, search engine-friendly profile page at comoxvalleyarts.com,
  • a # marker on online maps,
  • 20 copies of the guide.

* if you already have a 2018 membership, we will discount your booking fee accordingly.

Why Participate?

This guide clearly outlines the depth and breadth of creative and cultural life available in the Central Island.

As such, it serves as a reference for tourists seeking Arts & Culture experiences, potential residents looking to make the Central Island their home, and locals who are passionate about buying local and supporting their community's artists.

It's a perfect vehicle for businesses and service providers who know that an arts appreciative audience is one of eclectic tastes, has moderate to more disposable income and is often open to new experiences, has some post-secondary education and done some travelling.

It is the ONLY such reference for our region, which has a very strong core of cultural workers - in fact, the Central Island is home to nearly 10% of the entire arts sector in BC!

People are finally discovering this, and this guide will bring them to your door.

How will it work?

Artists/Studios/Creators wishing to participate in the 2018 Studio Tour - and who are willing/able to commit at the time of listing submission - will be highlighted in yellow in the print version, at no additional cost. Any artist who maintains a studio that can be visited by the public is welcome to participate in the Tour weekend.

Even the smallest size has room to accommodate your year-round hours of operation, or a "by appointment" line, so the guide will serve as a DIY Studio Tour guide throughout the year. The OFFICIAL Studio Tour will have a full page featured in the guide, as well as additional promotion for the month+ leading up to it. The 2018 tour will be May 26 & 27.

The Arts Guide will ALSO have a complementary Mobile Optimize online version at comoxvalleyarts.com/artsguide. This will include all the profiles of all participating artists & advertisers. Each profile is fully editable and robust, with room for many photos, videos, audios and plenty of text to promote yourself in any way you like. In addition to the listings will be fully integrated Google Maps. Map #s from the print guide will correspond to the online guide for easy access to more information.

In addition to a listing in the guide, Studios may also purchase a flag for their location. These are quality, weatherproof flags that indicate you are open for business. These can be used at any time that you're open, and are especially useful for the Studio Tour, to help guide visitors to your location.