Artist Registration

Are you a creator looking to participate in this year’s guide & tour? You are in the right place!

The Central Island Arts Guide is open to all art forms, disciplines and practices.

Details are below. Read through and then complete the registration form below to get started.
No payment is due at this time. You will be invoiced in November.

If you really cannot manage online registration, we will be happy to process your registration in person at our Member Mixer on Tuesday October 16, at Cornerstone Taphouse & Cafe (6-9pm), or during regular Thursday office hours.

Display Ads Available, too

IF YOU ARE A NON-ARTIST (aka a restaurant, dental office, realtor, etc) and would like to buy an AD, we can help you, too! PLEASE CLICK HERE for rates and contact info.

If you are an Artist who wants greater exposure in the Guide, you may wish to ALSO purchase a display ad. Please connect with Kera, as special offers are available when you purchase both.

What’s the difference between a listing and a display ad?

First of all, LISTINGS are what are required for Studio Tour participation. If you are not planning on participating in the tour, you may prefer a display ad, OR you may wish to have BOTH a listing and a display ad. 

BOTH options include an editable profile page on the website. LISTINGS are NOT AVAILABLE for non-arts businesses. 

Listing (approx 1/10 page):

Actual size: 3.6″w x .75″h

Display Ad (1/5 page size):

Actual size: 3.6″ w x 1.62″ h

Questions? Check the Artist FAQ first, and then contact Kera if you still need answers.

After we receive your form, we will invoice you for the total amount due.