Join us for 2020! The next Central Island Arts Guide will publish in March 2020.

Who can participate?

Listings (text & image) are open to:

  • Creative professionals in any genre or discipline.
  • Arts-based businesses and non-profit orgs (eg recording studios, dance schools, galleries etc).

Studio Tour Participation is open to all listings. Participation in the Tour is NOT required, however, to be on the Tour you must be in the Guide.

Dates for the full studio tour are May 29, 30 & 31. 10am- 4pm daily. PLUS Optional Friday Night Party.


The guide will be published and on the street in Early March 2020.

We will print a minimum 25,000 copies of the Guide. It will again be distributed on BCFerries, throughout Vancouver Island, and beyond.

Display Ads are also available and open to anyone. Rate Sheet is HERE. Please contact Kera McHugh – [email protected]

New this year!

  • Artists are encouraged to self-organize additional tour/open house events with the GUIDE as reference materials (eg. Potters could decide on a weekend to be open and promote as a group). Deadline for inclusion in the GUIDE is November 30, 2019.
  • Group Rates for the TOUR (see below)
  • TOUR Map will be downloadable, with a very limited print run
  • GUIDES will be enhanced with additional cross-reference indexes: Genre, Region, Tour, Alphabetical
  • GUIDES will include expanded maps, with a more detailed legend, indicating all listings.
  • Signage Templates - for DIY signage that's on-brand.
  • Website listings Done-For-You (requires some advance planning on your part)


About Groups:

If you are an artist COLLECTIVE (you collaborate year-round), you may purchase a single listing for the group. 

If you are a studio, hosting additional artists just for the tour, you must also have a listing for the GROUP STUDIO.

To participate in the Tour EACH member of either type of group must purchase a Tour Add-on and CV/A Membership.

Total Fees may be paid online at time of registration, or you can elect to be invoiced BY EMAIL for payment via:
Credit Card, Bank Transfer (direct or eTransfer), or Cheque.

Fees (or written arrangements) MUST be received by November 30, 2019. Unpaid listings will not be published.


NOTE- PRINT LISTINGS are no longer available for 2020. By joining now you will have a web-only listing.

Standard Print Listing

$180 per artist, collective or group studio

Print Listings are the all the same size and include:

  • One 2020 Membership ($40 value)
  • One 35 word description with one photo
  • One address*, email, phone, website, year-round availability
  • social media & accessibility icons as applicable
  • One editable Website listing with unlimited text, photos etc. (same as web-only listing)
* if you are participating in the Tour you MUST list a physical address. No Exceptions. If you are not participating in the tour, physical address is optional.

Web-Only Listing

$100 per artist, collective or group studio

Web-Only Listings do NOT appear in the print guide. They include:

  • 2020 Membership ($40 value)
  • fully editable
  • unlimited text, photos etc.
  • full contact information
  • direct contact form
  • links to your website & social media
  • individual google map
  • inclusion in search-generated maps 
  • search engine optimized and searchable by keyword, location or genre

Tour Add-on

$40 per Artist*. 

Each Artist at each location is required to be a member AND purchase the Add-on to be included in the Tour.

Each Location on the tour MUST have a corresponding Listing for reference (print or web-only).

It is a REQUIREMENT of the Tour that artists be in attendance on all three days. The intention of the Tour is to share your practice, not just display and sell work. We encourage demonstrations and discussion.

Tour add-on includes:

  • Address listing & marker on Downloadable Tour MAP
  • “T” designation in GUIDE listing
  • Tour marker (different colour) on maps in GUIDE
  • Inclusion in Tour Index in GUIDE
  • Additional marketing value through social media

*For Example: An art group with 8 members may purchase ONE Listing to indicate their location & group info, and EACH member  in attendance during the Tour must also purchase the Tour Add-on. eg: Listing $180 + 8 Add-ons $320 = total $500, split 8 ways = $62.50 each. Artists who also require a membership will add $40 each.


Membership is required to participate in the Guide and Tour.

Membership fees are INCLUDED in a Standard Print Listing and a Web-Only Listing.

Additional Membership

If you are an add-on Artist only (participating at a tour location but do not have your own listing in the guide), you must also be a member. Purchase a CV/A Membership to take advantage of other year round resources and opportunities. 

Membership is January – December and is $40.


Branded signage is available for purchase. If you are open year round, we recommend purchasing a full package.

Professional signage for purchase (keep for year-round use):

  • Double-Sided “Studio” Arrows 24″ x 6″ with stand $20
  • “Studio Open” Feather Flag with post & spike $90

If you are handy with sign-making, we can provide an Adobe Illustrator sign template and you can make or print your own! 

This year we will also provide Arrow loaners, on a first come, first served basis. Borrowers are responsible for pickup and return from the office. 

  • OLD signage will no longer be acceptable. Please do not use the starfish signs. They are too confusing to visitors and do not reflect the brand of the Arts Guide & Tour any longer.

Optional Add-ons

Self-Organized Mini-Tours

Pick a date with colleagues and promote your own mini-tour! We will support you with social media about using the Arts Guide to find you.

EG. Pottery Day, Jewelry Day, Fibre Arts Day! 

$100 promotional fee, includes listing in Events section of the Guide, Highlight on the CV/A and Arts Guide websites, and social media posts before your event.

Done-For-You Web Listing Support

Don’t want to mess around editing and formatting your web listing this year? 

$25 will get it done for you. You supply the text and photos, we’ll make it pretty. You can opt into this at any time.