Central Island Arts Guide & Studio Tour

New in 2018 - The Central Island Studio Tour will be highlighted in the Central Island Arts Guide.

An ever-evolving opportunity for creators and consumers to connect!

As of fall 2017, a single annual studio tour will be featured within a much larger Arts Guide.
The Guide offers year round access to our incredible community of creators, makers, artists, musicians, studios, writers, performers, crafters and more.

This is now an annual print publication with a minimum distribution of 30,000 copies across Vancouver Island and beyond. It is designed to be the definitive resource for all things arts in the region from Parksville to Campbell River, including Lasqueti, Denman, Hornby, Quadra & Cortes islands.

We are now booking both artist listings and display ads. Booking deadline is December 18, 2017.

We have fantastically priced opportunities for the 2018 guide. READ THE FAQS

All prices include:

  • a 1-year membership in Comox Valley Arts,
  • an editable, search engine-friendly profile page at comoxvalleyarts.com,
  • a # marker on online maps,
  • 20 copies of the guide.
  • After registration is closed, all participating studios/artists & advertisers will receive a website login for comoxvalleyarts.com to create/edit your searchable profile.
  • Artists wishing to commit to the Studio Tour on May 26 & 27, 2018, will be highlighted in the guide at no extra charge. THIS IS THE STUDIO TOUR GUIDE. There is nothing else to do. It's easy! You do not have to commit to the tour to be in the guide, but to be on the tour you MUST be in the guide.

Looking for the Studio Tour? This is the place! JOIN US!

ARTIST LISTINGS - text based

Think of this guide as a Directory... a "yellow pages" of arts & culture providers in the Central Island Region. It is ALSO the guide for the 2018 Spring Studio Tour. The promoted Studio Tour* is May 26 & 27, 2018.

You do not have to be open for the tour to participate in the guide. Participating studios, however, will be highlighted at no extra cost.

Open to all artists - any genre or discipline.

If you make, perform, design, produce, teach or otherwise engage in the arts in a public way, and you want more of the public to find you, you want to be in this guide.

Text listings and display advertising is available, starting at $110, which includes your annual membership.

(Already paid your membership for 2018? Log in for a discount details!)



Previous guides and promoted tours have indicated visitors from the Lower Mainland, all over Vancouver Island, Alberta, Pacific Northwest US and more - we aim to bring more of them to your doors.

Advertising to an arts-appreciative audience brings with it customers of all tastes. Generally, they have a bit more disposable income, are open to new things, like to engage in their community and are more likely to #buylocal.

Show your support of the Arts by advertising in the guide, and demonstrate your own good taste!


Things to think about if you've never participated in a Studio Tour before:

A studio tour is a terrific opportunity to showcase - and sell - your work in your natural habitat.

We are pleased to coordinate and promote this opportunity for our members, and bring artists and consumers together in a personal, intimate way.

The tour is open to all professional and emerging artists from Parksville to Campbell River.

It is an exciting adventure for visitors, and when you open your studio and provide an inside glimpse you have a chance to create friends (and customers) for life.

We encourage you to make an "event" of it right in your own studio - offer treats, demonstrate your process, provide plenty of choices for purchase (smaller items are a great introduction to new art), bring in a performer... do something special and have some fun!

 ... see below to get on the list for registration announcements.

Specifically for the tour, CVA will provide:

  • Extensive coverage and promotion of the event through established traditional and online media
  • Social media promotion and sharing tools on all artist bios & event postings
  • Professionally designed & produced signage suitable for all-weather, multi-year use
  • Professionally designed tour map, distributed throughout vancouver island!
  • Professionally designed website with extended artist information and individual galleries, interactive map and downloadable maps & listings
  • One hosted meet & greet among participating artists
  • General Public Liability insurance coverage (eg. if someone were to be injured on the tour. DOES NOT cover loss or damage to your work or premises)

Artist will:

  • Commit to opening their studio for the posted hours of the tour.
  • Promote the tour to their social media & personal networking channels
  • Post signage and carry maps/brochures for 1 month prior to tour (provided by CVA)
  • Assist with distribution of materials within their local neighbourhood
  • Provide demo/refreshments/entertainment - whatever you wish - to engage your visitors
  • Be responsible for making their studio as visible as possible on the weekend of the tour. This may include embellishments or additional signage as artist feels necessary.
  • Commit to communicate with tour organizers by email, and endeavour to respond to tour organizer in a timely manner
  • If necessary, ensure CVA is listed as named insured if Artist carries business/commercial insurance for studio

Awesome reasons to do it:

  • Generation of revenue
  • Exposure to a new audience
  • Keep-established clients abreast of current work
  • Educate a broad audience about your media, showing techniques to interested people
  • Break down barriers by allowing the artist and the public direct and immediate interaction and communication
  • As an information gathering/list-building tool
  • Networking: Connecting with other artists and professionals, in and outside of your Medium
  • Introduce your work to possible collectors, galleries or curators

Some considerations:

  • If you have local gallery representation you might have contractual issues
  • Artists who are uncomfortable in public situations may find such an event unappealing. Giving the public access to an artist’s workspace can, for some, be an unsettling experience.
  • Some studios may be dangerous or unhealthy places for the public. If you use chemicals or delicate equipment, this may apply to you.
  • Artist or maker has no need/desire to expand clientele or investigate new demographics.
  • You will need to tidy up your studio 🙂


If you have already been notified about tour or guide registration dates, you're probably already on this list. Feel free to sign up again to be sure (you won't get more email, we promise).