Board meetings are generally the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 6.30pm at the CVA Boardroom (580 Duncan Ave, above the Art Gallery).

All members are welcome to attend. We host a volunteer & members drop-in between 430-6pm, prior to the board meetings to allow for questions & feedback, and getting to know each other!

In order to make formal presentations to the board, a request must be sent through the Executive Director to be put on the agenda. You will be apprised of the meeting date for your presentation.

Board Executive:

  • Don Ferguson, President
  • Lisa Nathan, Treasurer
  • Sonya Jenssen, Acting Secretary


  • Kimberley Allan
  • Simon Briggs
  • Kate Brown
  • Phyllis Katcher
  • Sharon Lalonde
  • Robin Mayor


  • Dallas Stevenson BFA, Executive Director
  • Kera McHugh, Community Engagement Director