This Saturday is the final virtual drop-in for the Make Art Project Anne Steves hosted throughout May.  Photo by Taylor Robinson.

You are invited to drop in by zoom to make collages alongside Anne Steves, an interdisciplinary artist working with themes of place, distance and connection. The event is free and open to all ages. You can join any time between 11am and 4pm at this link.

Steves is an interdisciplinary artist who is currently in a creative residency at CVAG as part of the gallery’s Offsite_Onsite program. She is expanding on her unique collage project A Sense of Abandon / But Not a Lack of Discipline.

She says: “The collages I have been making for this project act as a portal into the artist’s studio. I have asked artists and writers from across the country to share an image of behind the scenes in their studios or work spaces. Into these images I have been collaging with found imagery from magazines and newspapers to create imagined futures, emotional landscapes, distant connections and impossible creatures. The final project will consist of 75 works made over a one-year period while we have been kept apart by the pandemic.”

Images from Steves’ project are visible 24-7 from the gallery’s outdoor plaza, on a large monitor installed in the southern-most window.

Find out more on the Comox Valley ART GALLERY website.

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