Valley Artist featured in Nanaimo Public Art

We're delighted to announce that CVA member, and accomplished Comox Valley Artist, Trish Smith, has had a piece selected for inclusion in Nanaimo's Public Art program!

Paleo dentriticus is currently on display alongside E.J Hughes mural in the Vancouver Island Convention Centre as part of Nanaimo's Art's and Culture public exhibition. The exhibition runs for one year ending in June 2018.

Trish Smith
Artist Statement
Paleo dentriticus
Title: Paleo dentriticus (2015)
Dimensions: 40x14 inches
Weight: 48 pounds
Material: Douglas fir, Granite
Evidence of the transitions occurring in British Columbia’s natural environment, Paleo
dentriticus grew from a stump of an ancient tree long gone, but still alive, on Vancouver
Island. Not only is it a part of Vancouver Island’s natural heritage, but also an historic
representation of our regional landscape as evidence of the logging era. The Douglas-fir was
named for the Scottish botanist David Douglas who was sent by the Royal Horticultural
Society to British Columbia to study the tree in the late 1700’s. I recognize the value of our
natural history which connects us not only with the past but also with the present through an
affinity we can experience in this region’s natural environment. Figurative in nature, it’s
natural form was left unaltered during the discovery of what lay beneath it’s outer layers as
evidence of it’s transition from stump to an intricate work of art.