“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

“Why, Juliet, My Love, I am up at the Big Yellow Merville hall Valentine’s Day Contra dance.”

You, too, can join R & J at the dance where Love, Cupids and Kisses will delight all the young misses as the dance floor overflows with romantic young (and young at heart) men intent on beguiling their favourite Valentine.  Fiddle music, hearts and flowers will fill the hall along with the coruscating commands from dance caller, June “Kissin’” Cannon, who will demurely bark out directions to keep the dancers organized and having fun.

So, be pert and plucky while the passionate phiddle players pluck their strings for your dancing, prancing pleasure.  As usual, there will be a Contra Dance workshop right before the dance.  From 7:00 to 7:29, June will introduce the swooning swingers to new moves as well as teach the basic Contra steps.

As all the world’s a stage, at 7:30 the Funtime Fiddlers will start the music and the gaiety begins.  Singles can pair up with anyone during the Contras and there will be spot prizes, and a prize for the best dressed and most romantic couples.  The aroma of chocolate, candied hearts and pork rinds will waft from the canteen and love will be in the air.

So, Saturday, February 15th, rattle your daggs, guide your Pumpkin Princess carriage up to the Big Yellow Merville Dance Hall and join us for a romantically good time.  Doors open at 7:00, dance starts at 7:30pm.  Cost is $10.00/adults, $5.00/youth (6 and under free) and you can come as a family for $22.00.   Free workshop starts at 7:00.  FMI-339-4249 or [email protected].