With Ruth Rae

Welcome to all who want to discover joys of music through the biggest little instrument that is taking the world by storm, the Ukulele. In my classes you will learn all basics of music and more importantly, learn how to overcome any blocks that may have stopped you from taking up music and being part of the fun. I have many years of experience teaching those who had the misfortune of being told they werent musical, and helping them let go of those ideas so they can sing and play with all the benefits that musicianship provides. We will also learn theory, but not in the traditional way. I break it down to manageable parts so the mysteries of words like key and tempo are not mysteries any longer. We will strum and sing old favourities, modern hits and everything in between. The next beginner class starts March 19, Tuesdays at 7pm, cost $60 for 6 one hour lessons. In Comox. Registration on going. Fmi, [email protected]

I started classes with Ruth just over a year ago. I had never played a string instrument in my life. Ruth and her students were very inviting and I did not feel intimidated at all. Her progression for learning is easy to follow and I always feel after each class just a little more capable. I look forward to her class every week as it is very fun and I enjoy the camaraderie of the fellow students.
~ Louise Dawson

Tuesdays at 7pm

March 19 to April 23, 2019
Location: Comox
$60  - 6 one hour lessons