If you've not been around Comox Valley Arts for a while, we'd love to invite you back!

In the past couple years we have grown a lot, and added some great value to being a member. We have some fresh new ideas & projects, and an energetic team ready to help you where you need it.

Membership is just $40/year and we pack that with as much value as we can muster - promotional opportunities, revenue opportunities, admin assistance, professional development, social media support, and more...

If you're looking for a home as an artist, creator, maker, musician, writer, dancer, performer—any kind of creative endeavour or trade—Comox Valley Arts is the place to start. We can help you connect dots, find solutions, discover resources and build community to support your practice.

If you're looking to join with like-minded people who volunteer and organize in arts & culture, whether you consider yourself a creator or not, Comox Valley Arts is the place to start. We have lots of ways to get involved to support the arts & artists who make this valley such an amazing place to live and work.

Join us today.