It might sound funny that being an artist should be like motherhood. But the stages an artist has to go through to create something are surprisingly similar: Generally speaking, becoming pregnant is the easy part. This is followed by a time where the inspirational part takes physical shape and giving birth to the project can be laborious, but now a new creation is welcomed into the world.

The real tough part though starts now: Raising the child to live an independent life on its own, which means to get the work ‘out there’ and sell it to appreciative customers.

For the first part, the artist can rely solely on him/herself. This is his/her comfortable world of creativity, without the boundaries of mundane day to day chores and external rules, other than the technical rules of the work. But when it comes to promoting the work, it is necessary to step out of this world into a zone of marketing, economic matter and political quarry. It is like parent’s day, when one defends the child and tries to convince the teacher that it should get the better grade. And in order to do so, the artist has to be positive about the piece and about the role of a creator as a valuable part of the community.

The only difference between an artist and a mother is that there is no automatic support at giving birth to a new creation. But the busy and vibrant kindergarten and high school of artistic creations deserves recognition and support because it is – that is a fact- a big attractor to tourists and as such it does contribute to the economic health of our region.

By the way, many artists call their work their baby…go figure!



Copyright Ina-Griet Raatz-von Hirschhausen