As part of the 34th Annual Miners Memorial events, the Cumberland Museum and Archives invites you to be a part of the second Annual Miners Memorial Choir. Learn and share historic labour songs! Join Choir Director Wendy Nixon Stothert for three weeks of rehearsals leading up to an exciting public performance.
Nixon Stothert currently directs six adult community choirs that sing a wide variety of repertoire, including the three Just in Time Choirs contemporary ensembles, the Canadian Military Wives Choir Comox, the Berwick Choir, and she co-leads the CV Pop-Up Choir.
“I’m really excited to delve into the realm of these powerful iconic labour songs,” says Nixon Stothert. "All experience levels are welcome to participate. During our rehearsals, we will learn the music and some vocal and choral techniques in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Music has been used throughout the ages to unite people in a powerful way. I’m already learning so much about this important time in history by connecting with the miners’ stories through song."
This year, there are three rehearsals taking place June 4, 11, and 18, from 7 to 8:30 pm, in Cumberland at the Masonic Hall. On Saturday, June 22nd, the Miners Memorial Choir will ‘raise its voice’ in Cumberland’s Village Square at the Miners Memorial BBQ. The choir costs $40 to join. Visit to register, and for the full Miners Memorial schedule.