Saturday October 20
(All day: 10:00-4:30pm)
Experiment with mediums and textural elements in this full~day workshop.
A Collage of Textures!
This is great little painting to experience what mediums and textural elements can do. You will learn many techniques in this simple abstract. Learn how mediums work and are applied, how to create depth in your work and how placing various elements move your eye around your piece. Learn a interesting technique of overlapping colour.
Come let your creativity loose!
Each painting is uniquePainting experience is helpful but not necesary....just remember to bring your "bold!"

a 12 x 12 canvas and painting supplies are included
Coffee/teas and refreshments provided during the day.
Day is split into morning and afternoon with a long lunch in between required for "drying time".Contact Carrie Osborn for more information regarding this class at 250-752-6141
or book online