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Students of the North Island College IMG 103 Computer Graphics II class opened the exhibit “Binary Opposites” this month at NIC’s Raven Hall Gallery. This exhibit is open to the public from February 13 - March 6during regular college hours, with an opening that took place in conjunction with the NIC art event on February 14.
“Binary Opposites” is a collection of large format posters created using Adobe Photoshop CC. Students were asked to design a set of posters depicting two words that function as binary opposites. The assignment utilizes surface texture, blend modes, layer effects and 3D rendering to produce the illusion of depth of field.
Curated by fine arts student Sarah Bergeron, this exhibit houses works by students Kwame Agyei, Katelyn Hill, Alisa Keiran, Amy Muloin, Mike Owen, Adam Peterson, Suzanne Slattery, Jessica Taylor, Tawnie Van Den Born, Rebecca Wilde, Lisa Zervakis.
For more information on this and other exhibits visit the Facebook page “Raven Hall Gallery”.