Sadly, the Irish eyes of Paddy O’Furniture won’t be smiling tonight as the Saint Patrick’s Day Contra dance at the Big Yellow (Greenish) Merville Hall has been CANCELLED!  No green beer…. no delicious, GREEN Pickled Eggs!  12 DOZEN JARS!!!

The Irish Washerwoman was meeting Maggie in the Woods and the pair were about to dance a jig All the Way to Galway when they heard the disappointing news.  Lily the Pink said that she’d “Tell Me Ma” when she got home and everyone knew how upset Danny Boy would be as he wanted to be the groom at Maire’s Wedding scheduled to happen in the middle of the Contra dance.  His best men were all members of his band, the Four Leaf Clovers, and those lads really knew how to Roll Out the Barrel.  Yes, Those Were The Days but it won’t be happening tonight.

Everyone has left and they are all heading Down Yonder to look for more deals on toilet paper.




On Saturday, March 14th, it’s the green and popular St. Patrick’s Contra dance down at the Big Yellow (and Green) Merville Hall.  Led by foppish fiddler Paddy O’Furniture, the Funtime Fiddlers will preen, pirouette and pump out the jigs and reels for the highly popular contra dances.  Dance caller June O’Cannon, dressed in an elfishly elegant fern gown, will get you frolicking about the dance hall with laughter and a light heart.  All are welcome to attend this family friendly function.

Ms. O’Cannon will lead a brief Contra Dance workshop right before the dance.  Then, at 7:30, lips peckishly puckered from kissing the Blarney Stone, the Funtime Fiddlers leap onto the stage, strike the first notes and the gaiety begins.  Singles can pair up with anyone during the Contras and our Contra sets last about 15 to 20 minutes.  In between the called Contra dances, we’ll play waltzes, polkas and swing tunes.

Wear a green costume, win a Spot Dance prize, click your heels.  The luck of the Irish will be with us at this kitchen party!  Green music, green beer, green gills and green pickled eggs.  This is also a fundraiser for the great, green Cumberland Community Forest Society.

So, Saturday, March 14th, join the Irish fiddlers at the Big Yellow Merville Dance Hall, right on the Old Island Highway, between Campbell River and Courtenay.  Doors open at 7:00, dance starts at 7:30pm.  Cost is $10.00/adults, $5.00/youth (6 and under free) and you can come as a family for $22.00.   Free workshop starts at 7:00.  FMI:    339-4249; [email protected]

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