Squeegeerama 2021

Squeegeerama is an annual squeegeefest held at Wachiay Studio.

We invite guest artists, to share their ideas and techniques. The studio and staff assist participants to print their projects on a variety of material (paper, stencil, film, ink etc supplied), and people are eseentially turned loose to create in a fun environment, with other screenprinters and staff to answer questions, conduct demos, and explore new processes and equipment. To get the most out of the experience, you should have a working knowledge of the process, and be ready with your artwork prepped or close to it.

Dates & Costs

August 20-22, 2021 at Wachiay Studio

Cost for the 3 days, excluding shirts or specialized paper is $450. This includes a first night BBQ and membership in screentheworld.org

Video etc from past Squeegeeramas.


This year we will be linking up with a number of screenshops who teach around the world, and have zoom chats and share latest cool project details, the idea is to pick a date next year in 2022 and conduct Squeegeeramas simultaneously in different locations. It’s pretty cool, the other shops (Montreal, Greece, South Africa, Holland, Rome, Barcelona, Bogota so far ) are enthusiastic and a year ahead it will give us time to organize better, find sponsors, and people make travel arrangements.

We just wanted to do it this summer to get started again, but from what we learned about zoom etc this past year, we think we could have a lot of fun in different locations around the globe linking printers.



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