Interior Shot - Joe Smith's Studio, Union Bay
Studio: Joe Smith, Union Bay - a little off the beaten path, and well worth the effort!

Open your doors to new eyes on your art

The rebirth of the Studio Tour in the Comox Valley and Central Vancouver Island is growing into a fantastic opportunity to share your work with new audiences, and extend your base of fans and buyers.

Join us for our third round, as we extend exposure and bring in some fresh ideas for audience building and engagement.

If you work in, or have access to, a studio space that is suitable for public entry, and you are "working artist" - meaning your art is your profession, even if you have a "day job" to pay the bills - you are welcome to register.

The tour is open to all disciplines, all styles, to established and emerging artists who are seeking to build their fan base, and grow their clientele of buyers.

Participating in these fun tours is a great way to meet new people, share your story, demonstrate your process and sell your work. The barriers that are removed between you and art consumers when you join in an activity like this can create amazing opportunities in your future. We have numerous stories of brief friendly conversations that turned into substantial commissions... sometimes weeks... sometimes years down the road - but the point is... it's a chance to make a really lasting impression on a captive audience.

The more studios, the merrier! The object of the tour is not to test the endurance of the visitors and see how many studios they can see in a day... it's to offer a wide and deep variety of exposure to all different kinds of work, and cultivate an art-appreciative (and art-buying) community.

Take the leap - open your doors and see what can happen!


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