"Mythos is inspired by the realms of spirit and magic, faery tales, animals, nature, folklore, prophecy, medicine and the healing arts, infinity, love, death, evolution, sacred symbolism, primal expressionism and the subconscious and conscious aspects of the human psyche have been the bases of her works to date."

EarthShine Spirit Fair ~Dawning in the Valley

‘Earthshine’ is a phenomenon that lights up the dark side of the moon with the sun’s reflection off the earth’s atmosphere. EarthShine Spirit and Wellness Fair celebrates that same glow of soulful spirit and reflects your unique luminescence – a mani-pedi for your inner shine!

Showcasing a variety of healing styles from Palm Reading and Mediumship, to Trager Therapy, ThetaHealing and Medical Intuition - a ‘tapas’ of psychic Readers to choose from! Indulge in the glitter of jewelry, crystals and gem stones, quality health products, soulful artwork, high vibe food and henna tattoos – a little something for everyone!

Featuring an exhibit of artwork by Mythos - She is a self-taught artist believing in experience as the greatest teacher.  Her work is based on and inspired by an ongoing study of mythology and spirit (personal and universal) and explores the inter-relationships of symbol in culture and nature.

Traditional First Nation Healers, Sherry Moon and Shannon Alfred, will offer cleansing Cedar Brushings throughout the weekend, alongside interactive presentations that invite lightness and movement into the body, mind and spirit, with Sound Healing, Theta Healing and more.

Spiritual health is vital to our well-being. In a time of change and upheaval, it is as vital to nurture our spiritual side as it is to drink water and exercise, and this caretaking awakens a deeper connection with self, others and nature. EarthShine celebrates your glowing spirit and invites you to come out and play with your intuition, have some fun and shine a beacon for global upliftment!

EarthShine ~Dawning – May 25th 10-4pm / 26th 11-4pm – Admission FREE

Call-out for volunteers - [email protected]   www.EarthShineEvents.com  FB IG