We have embarked on a social media campaign to build a show of support for the vast (and growing) creative community we have here. The purpose of this is to demonstrate in very clear terms how residents value Arts & Culture and why our local governments need to consider the sector more carefully.

Arts & Culture is a significant economic driver here. It’s plain and simple.

The Cultural Economy in BC is substantial – third in the country, in fact. The United Nations has identified the creative economy as one of the world's fastest growing sectors for income generation, job creation and export earnings.

In our late 2016 survey, more than 2400 respondents indicated that they derive some portion of their income from creative work. Extrapolating that and combining with extensive data from 2007, we estimate approximately 5000 creative workers call the Valley home. That is 7% of BC’s entire cultural workforce, and it's continuing to grow at a fast pace! (Have you looked at Cumberland lately?)

It’s time that our local governments gave Arts & Culture more attention.

We need your help to demonstrate how much our community values the Arts.

If you agree that Arts & Culture are an essential part of the fabric of our community, we invite you to “sign on” to our advocacy statement and pledge your support.

It’s easy. Just visit www.comoxvalleyarts.com/advocacy and sign your name.

By strongly showing that the Arts matter to our community, our municipal leaders will have no option to ignore us, or continue to dismiss our sector.

We have distilled our creative culture into four pillars – the ways we support, promote and celebrate our vibrant, inclusive arts community:


COLLABORATE - Community Development- Access, Exploration & Wellness;
CONNECT - Cultural Planning- Advocacy, Placemaking & Public Arts;
CULTIVATE - Creative Capital- Lifelong learning, Artistic Support & Excellence;
COMMUNICATE - Cultural Promotion- Tourism & Economic Development

These are the values and goals that drive our work with artists of all types, to bring creativity and community together.

We are working hard to help our local governments accept these pillars and include them in their own decision-making process for the betterment of our entire Comox Valley.

Your support means the world to us.

Thank you.