Sold out in Toronto, Vancouver and Whitehorse Christopher is taking the coast by storm with his Shakespeare Masterclass Series!

Weddell, an original founder of BARD ON THE BEACH Shakespeare Festival, is coming to the Comox Valley for the first time and he wants to talk Shakespeare with you! We are excited and you should be too!

This workshop will be a fun workout for the body, voice and imagination of actors of ALL experience levels.

You will learn pragmatic rehearsal techniques designed to help you find dynamic physical actions embedded in Shakespeare’s words, while developing a vivid and personal relationship with your character’s story. The workshop broaches Shakespeare with an incredibly comprehensive approach; covering everything from group exercises, pre-performance strategies, performance, mock auditions and one on one consultation.

Christopher, graduate of the Playhouse Acting School and Shakespeare actor extraordinaire, is a phenomenal teacher. He has directed several productions, including Waiting For Godot (Kaspar Theatre, Prague) Richard II and Henry VI - The War of the Roses (Bard on the Beach) and Romeo and Juliet (Project X). In 2005 he received the Edmund Kean Sword Award from Bard on the Beach and has been nominated for two Jessie's, including a nod for Outstanding Direction for Richard II.
Don’t be caught with your breeches down. This is a fantastic opportunity to brush up on the ol' Bill Shakes.

When: August 12th & 13th, 2017
10am - 6pm
Where: TBA; Courtenay, BC 

What you need: Please bring a 14-18 line speech from Shakespeare’s cannon that inspires you, loose fitting clothing and some serious enthusiasm. The speech you choose may or may not have been used prior to this workshop.

Cost: We will be offering an early bird price of $160.00 for the first 6 participants who sign up. After that, the regular price is $200.00.


or  [email protected] /  (306) 690-7871