Using the Screen Printing process as an economic, cultural, and social development tool for rural and small communities.


A project to produce and distribute a modern online educational toolbox designed to spread and increase knowledge and production capabilities for smaller scale artisans, entrepreneurs and schools/co-ops wanting to use the screen printing process.

The project is scalable and can operate on a worldwide level once implemented.

It will enable rapid and concise skills development and economical equipment acquisition for all aspects of a startup screen operation capable of creating a wide variety of graphic, industrial, and textile printed products in any location.

It can reach out through schools and community centres as an activity that contributes to the stimulation of art, culture, and connections. It is attractive to a wide demographic, from little kids, troubled youth, entrepreneurs and budding artists, or elders looking for a fun activity, - and everyone in between.

It can stimulate local economies by introducing screen printing as an economic development tool at a micro level, that helps local ‘makers’ and entrepreneurs build their businesses through creating or enhancing their products, packaging, and marketing. Tourism & local business are the immediate beneficiaries.


Applications that use screen printing bridge the fine art world (Ltd Edition Prints, Posters, Greeting cards), fashion (T-shirts, Baby Clothes & Fabric), communication (cell phone, touchscreens), medical (dermal patches & defribulators, testing & lab equipment), electronics (most consumer electronics controls), automotive & high technology sectors(automobiles & airplane interiors, controls, glass) energy (every solar cell, hydrogen fuel cells, batteries) active electronics in fabric – all those industry sectors, all around the world. Screenprinting created many of them.

Products using the process are found in every society, at every level. Screenprinting is easy to adapt into low technology manual printing situations, yet is found in most of the high tech sectors and is a key component in advanced manufacturing worldwide, using sophisticated automatic presses integrated into production lines.


The project will use a dedicated team and supporters to put together the resources and investment needed to create and publish the ebook, videos, and other components of the project.


  1. Textbook/manual on screenprinting approximately 75-100 pages. Digital version & Print version. Ebook has active links to videos & files online.

- Will use recently updated SGIA high school & post secondary curriculum, feedback from ‘Screenprinting Today – the Basics’ textbook, and experience teaching screenprinting at different levels over 30 years as a guide for content creation.

- Book will contain photos from high definition video plus easy to follow text of steps/examples. Book and video design/layout will allow easy language substitution.

- On line instructional videos match text /pictures in ebook. Language substitution is easy in both video and book. Click the link in the ebook and see the video.

- Will include plan sets for building components using locally available tools, skills, and supplies, or prefabricated kits that ship and assemble easily.

  • Will include starter graphic files to assist in learning basic design elements and processes used in prepress graphic production. (photoshop and illustrator)
  • Will include lesson plans for school projects at different age groups, including fundraising ideas
  1. Website/social media/ecommerce supply platform link

- Marketing & distribution channels for online sales of book, consumables, equipment

- A co-ordinating source for information and help for growing the start-up studios, and helping with further resources once they start growing and require more technical and business assistance.

  1. Lists of teaching studios, organizations, suppliers and production consultants to assist in advanced skills acquisition for local printers in their regions.


The concept has grown out of the success of the book ‘Screenprinting Today, the Basics’ and the experiences working with small businesses, schools, teachers, and children for many years, and then during the last 3 at Wachiay Studio, where we have pioneered a number of classroom based screenprinting programs for various age groups. We have self financed our planning and activities to this point, but need help to produce the program in a timely and professional fashion going forward.

Wachiay Studio is now completely set up for instruction using all aspects of manual and automatic graphic, textile, and industrial/functional screen printing.

Prototypes of DIY equipment are complete and have been tested and designs are being finalized, filming of the construction sequences and material lists underway.

A complete audio and video recording studio, editing suite and equipment is now available for production, adjacent to the print studio in Wachiay Friendship Centre.

Currently developing content including shooting scripts/book copy.

Local schools, some remote schools and individuals are already participating. We have one school on the North Island finished the test program in June 2017, and have elementary and high schools in Comox Valley and Campbell River working on it in 2018.

Shooting of video will commence in spring 2018, to follow the building of equipment and then implementation at Glacier View School in Courtenay.  (Apr/May 2018) Vanier High School and Highland Secondary are being equipped summer 2018 for programs beginning in fall 2018.

More beta site agreements for setup and training are in negotiation, with the goal to gradually withdraw in-person training, and provide remote learning using sections of the e-book as they are completed.

Our time frame and goal is to publish a completed book accompanied by a dedicated You Tube channel and website within 12-18 months. (late 2019/2020)


We gratefully acknowledge  receiving a seed grant from the BC Government ‘Community Resilience Through Arts and Culture’ program funding that has allowed us to start shooting and editing stills and video, and developing our design and content for the book.

We are always looking for individuals, schools, companies, government agencies, or NGO organizations who would like to work with us to help make this project happen. Budgets, bios and more information available on request.

For more information please contact [email protected]
Andy MacDougall, ASDPT
Wachiay Studio
1625 McPhee Ave.
Courtenay, BC Canada V9N3A6.        ph 250 338 7793 ext 263