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Loving Knots

I live with creative force flowing through me. As a young girl, both my mom and my grandmother invoked this creative energy, and ever since I have been expressing myself through artistry in crochet, knitting, photography, mosaic, painting, singing, performing and culinary arts. I discovered jewelry and macrame techniques in 2008, and it´s been a passionate love ever since.

After a strong career in sales as a commercial director, I founded and ran a flourishing vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant in Porto Portugal that evolved to feed the body, mind and soul as a spiritual center for holistic healing.

I had that business for 7 years, and in 2008 I decided it was time for a change. I sold my business and began the trip of a lifetime. With a nearly empty backpack and full of curiosity, I began my quest to discover and learn from intentional and spiritual communities operating on principles of permaculture in Brazil.

And it was in South America that I learned the art of macrame, which quickly became my passion and meaningful method of meditation. In 2011, I went to the United States, bought a motor-home and traveled throughout Central and North America, along the way sharing my unique and beautiful creations.

In the summer of 2012, I arrived in British Columbia. After visiting several places in this amazing province, I found Cortes Island and my heart told me that it is one of my places to call home in this world. For a few years I lived half the year on Cortes and the other half in Bahia, Brazil. In 2016 I decided to leave Brazil and I started to spend my winters in La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico. Nowadays I live on Quadra Island, just next to Cortes, and I continue to spend my winters in La Manzanilla.

​Besides my career as a jewelry artist I am also developing my singing abilities. For the winter 19/20 I will be the lead singer in a little band we are creating in Mexico! I also have a weekly radio show called "Vinho do Porto" at the local radio station CKTZ - 89.5 fm - Cortes Community Radio, and you can access my podcasts at . The show is spoken in English and all the songs are in Portuguese, be that from Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe.

I participate in several craft markets and my work is present in several stores around the world. I also love making commission pieces, so don't hesitate to contact me to create your special piece together.

Working with gems and semi-precious stones involves constant development and allows a connection with their amazing energy.

Each of my exquisite pieces is a "one of a kind" delight, created with love, healing energy, and intention to make its new owner vibrate in the Light.

PO Box 585 Heriot Bay, BC
Heriot Bay
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