Possible Community Exhibit at CVEX – we need volunteers!

CV/Arts has been invited to put together a community art exhibit as part of this year’s CVEX (Fall Fair).

To make it happen, we need an amazing team of volunteers – that’s why we’re coming to you! This could be a super-fun thing to do with arty friends to ease into post-pandemic life…

The team we envision includes:

  • on site reception & hanging crew (2 teams of 2-3?) pre-show to receive, document and hang (with curators) – walls will be 6’ and 8’ metal grid fencing – clean and new, not rusty! and we will gather some Plinths for 3D work that’s not too delicate.
  • decor team to make the overall space look good (would involve creating signage, maybe, or other decor items)
  • lighting team (I’ll discuss this more with Cvex, they may be able to accommodate that part)
  • on site hosts/docents to navigate any sales via square (we will set up and provide wireless terminal, and pay out to artists – 30% commission)
  • on site tear-down crew to remove and give back artwork at end of event
  • maybe one person(or couple) to sleep in exhibit tent overnights… tho there will be professional overnight security too, provided by Cvex
  • IF there was interest (and bodies) we could also create a small shop for cards, books, cds, prints and stuff … but that might be a bit ambitious at this moment.

Dates & Times

The Fall Fair runs Aug 27 (noon-7), 28 (10-7) & 29 (10-5) at the Exhibition Grounds on Headquarters Road in Courtenay.

Setup would be Aug 25/26, tear down eve of Aug 29 and all day Aug 30 (as needed)
Volunteers would get event passes, coordinators who are on site all day would get meals too (from Cvex).

Since events can now have up to 5k attendance, it’s likely there will be a good audience.

If you’re interested to help, please let us know! Click the button to go to our sign up form.

This event will only go ahead if we can entice enough volunteers to make it happen!

Support your local artist friends!

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