Annual photo contest/show offers youth and open prizes

“Every great inspiration is but an experiment…”

     -- Charles Ives, composer

Convention doesn’t cut it when it comes to this year’s version of Photopia.

The theme is ‘Experiment,’ this year, for the annual photo contest and organizers expect that will bring a plethora of diverse, outside-the-box visual ideas.

“If ever there were a time to cut loose from the conservative, to outright unorthodox, this is it,” says organizer Jamie Bowman.

Each year, the image contest/show brings together imaginative photography, top-technology televisions, and the public.

“Photographers can interpret ‘experiment’ in diverse and ingenious ways,” he added. “As organizers, to pin that down might be to curtail creativity.”

The contest culminates in the Photopia show June 3, with the hundreds of submitted images rotating across a series of big-screen televisions, a piece of the larger Elevate arts festival in downtown Courtenay that week.  The prize-winners will be named during the one-day Photopia show.

The contest is now open for submissions and the May 19 entry deadline is coming soon.

Visit the Elevate website for full details.