The Slugup Show

July Friday 17- Saturday 18, 11am to 5pm

Guest artist Rod Corraini

Live music in the garden with guitarist Marty Brough, Saturday at 1pm to 4pm

From May to October, Rod Corraini travels on his 50cc scooter armed with sketchbook and camera. His range is limited to local roads within the city due to the 80km speed constraints imposed on his vehicle’s engine size. All images are either plein-air captured or post-trip musings from these refreshing summer junkets. @ vis studio 294 Harewood Rd. Nanaimo

The Garden Ornament Shop is open to the public, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 11 am - 5 pm. We are pleased to offer to your convenience private viewing by appointment 7 days a week, Give us a call 250 797 8432