August 12 & 13 at Comox Marina Park

The Originals Only Fine Art Show is organized by a group of Vancouver Island artists who volunteer their time and energy to help other artists show and sell their work. They come from a wide variety of disciplines and groups within the fine art community.

All artwork at the Originals Art Show is original and created by the artist who is present in the booth during the entire show.  The show is open to artists living on Vancouver Island and the surrounding outer islands only.

The objective of the Originals Only shows is to provide visual artists, specifically painters and sculptors with the opportunity to showcase their work in an environment where they can learn from each other and invite the general public to engage in a cultural experience.

The event is focused on artists who work with traditional mediums to produce two and three dimensional art in realistic, abstract, impressionistic, contemporary, expressionistic and modern styles.

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