CVArts members have organized a summer rummage sale of new and gently-used art supplies. We want to make this a gigantic sale so feel free to donate and keep your cast-offs out of the landfill.

How does it work??

Starting NOW - It's a Facebook virtual sale/auction of new and gently used art supplies, collected from all over Central Vancouver Island from artists who are clearing out their studios to make room for new things!

There's a wide and growing array of tools, materials, paints, mediums, and other tricks of the trade on offer.

Items will be available for bidding for 3 days from posting - with no starting bids! All items must be picked up in Cumberland (certain exceptions can be accommodated if necessary).

If you have art supplies that you no longer want, but are still usable by another artist, please feel free to contact us about donating!

What do we want?  Anything, new or used, that another artist or craft-soul might consider using: mark-making materials, brushes, pencils, oils, pastels, inks, pens, acrylic paints, acrylic mediums, charcoal, canvases, frames, molds, easels, anything for mixed media artworks. Maybe even one or two of your old paintings.

Our mission:  To relieve you of that ‘stuff’’ that clutters up your studio space. We think you know what we mean—word on the grapevine is that all artists  accumulate a plethora of paints, gizmos and gadgets for weeks, months (maybe even years!) that, left where they are, won’t ever see the light of day again! Now you can assuage your guilt by giving them to a good cause. And another artist or experimenter can snatch up something they were just dying to try out.

If the load is big enough we’ll even pick up and store it until the sale!

This is also an opportunity for artists of all levels to get a bargain, so watch for news of the date, time and place of the sale!  You'll be able to pick up something you probably didn't even expect to find at cents on the dollar.

All funds raised will go to supporting CVArts and local artists' projects. Any unsold supplies will be donated to a school art program or used for free hands-on art projects in the community.

Be Brave. Purge. Downsize. Let’s make this a gigantic art supply rummage sale for the benefit of us all.

Contacts:  Bette Kosmolak ([email protected]) or Janet McFayden ([email protected])