Calling all creative artists, residing on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and beyond, who like to create from recycled, upcycled, re-fashioned or re-used materials, in other words, from "found objects."

What is a found object? Anything that once was lost, misplaced, overlooked, forgotten or tossed away. Whatever it is, it has outlived its primary use and brings with it the breath of a forgotten time. There are objects that arise from chance encounters; objects that seem to find the artist rather than the other way around; objects that change you. Often the found object seems to be trying to tell you something or you have been drawn to it for reasons that reveal themselves gradually, if at all. Or, the object may simply be some thing that’s been on your work bench or in your junk drawer …like forever!

Undeniably Art, and co-sponsors Comox Valley Arts - your community arts council - want YOU, for a spring show we call “Once Upon a Time...” an informal exhibit of artwork, the pieces of which had a life once upon a time…..maybe a long ago.

There are very few guidelines - the creative field is wide open. Submissions may be beautiful, controversial, nonsensical, or simply whacky and wonderful. Functional, fashionable or frivolous, they may be 2D or 3D, and any size that will fit through a standard doorway, as long as they are made from materials that won’t kill you if you stand within 4 feet of them! Have fun - that’s the whole purpose!

Artists must be able to deliver and hang/set their work, and take it away again.
Submission fee $30 - proceeds cover show & promotion costs, with net proceeds supporting Undeniably Art's Art Club & Comox Valley Arts.

Submission Guidelines:

Show date: April 27-29, 2018

Deadline for submissions: April 12, 2018

Submission fee: $30 plus 30% of sales (half of which supports Comox Valley Arts)

Acceptance notifications: April 16, 2018

Delivery of work: April 25, 2018

Size: must be able to fit through a regular doorway

Entries MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA THE ONLINE FORM (click blue button below).



Accepted styles & mediums:

Materials: 80% of the artwork must be fashioned from material or objects which had a former life (re-cycled or re-used)

Any style, 2D or 3D (3D must be stable and not prone to tipping), any subject matter.


Acceptance of Work:

Undeniably Art and Comox Valley Community Arts Council ("the producers") will adjudicate & select the work to be displayed, by April 1.

Only selected artists will be contacted. Contact will be BY EMAIL ONLY.

Work may be disqualified from the exhibition if it is misrepresented in the images used in the submission process.

The producers reserve the right to photograph the selected works and use the images in publicity, educational and reference materials for the exhibit.

A loan agreement, including waiver, must be completed with the Comox Valley Community Arts Council.