Concept / design / production by CVAG's creative team
CVAG Community Space


The design brief for artwork at the new North Island Hospital in Courtenay is currently on display in the CVAG Community Space. CVAG worked closely with the North Island Hospital Project, K'omoks First Nation, Elder Barb Whyte, other local artists, plus students, parents and educators from Queneesh Elementary School. Some of this work is already installed at the new hospital, and the rest is in process.

With gratitude to the artists / participants: K’omoks First Nation, Elder Barb Whyte, K’umugwe Cultural Society, Calvin Hunt, Karver Everson, Randy Frank, Alun Macanulty, Gordon Hutchens, students, staff, and families of Queneesh Elementary School, Trish McPhail, Ed Odegaard, Nicole Crouch, Krista McAllister, Glen Sanford, Sharon Karsten, Angela Somerset, Denise Lawson, Lukas Roy, Ernst Vegt of Coast Imaging Arts, and ABC Printing.


Comox Valley Arts is extremely pleased that this project was taken up by CVAG and its community. It's a BIG job and one that needed careful attention and lots of energy. Congratulations on a job well done!