New Show at CR Art Gallery – Vapours, Emily Hill & Feminist Land Art Retreat

Vapours...opening for

Emily Hill Looks

featuring Feminist Land Art Retreat

2 June – 12 July 2017

Friday June 2, 2017 - Beach Performance at Big Rock, Campbell River, 5 PM

Opening Reception at Campbell River Art Gallery, 7 PM

The exhibition Looks presents an installation of new dyed rug paintings by Emily Hill and features Feminist Land Art Retreat’s 2015 film Heavy Flow.

Hill’s works are situated between industrial processes, domestic materials, and process-based materiality. The gestural textile works intercept parallel material history of performance, fabric and painting.

Screened for the first time in Canada, Feminist Land Art Retreat’s (FLAR) film Heavy Flow is presented in tandem with Hill’s installation. Using the vernacular “featuring,” in the exhibition title often used in pop music to note a guest appearance, FLAR’s Heavy Flow acts as a re-mix of Hill’s solo-exhibition.

Just before the opening reception for Looks, a beach performance by Vapours will take place at Big Rock, the landmark boulder south of Campbell River Art Gallery.

Vapours will form as an imaginary dream band, joining together 5 artists originally connected through Vancouver, B.C. but who are currently located in different places.

Vapours experiments with an embodied history of performance and ritual, presenting bodies in the landscape. This performance will announce the exhibition to the public, with its first act occurring outside of the institution. Additional performances will take place during the opening reception.