New exhibit in Tin Town!

Valley Connections

@ Red Tree Specialty Coffee in Tin Town

November and December

Recently graduated from Emily Carr University, Sarah Bergeron, TaraLee Houston and
Trish Smith have united to express their passion for the Comox Valley through Valley
Connections. The three artist’s work intersect through their unique interpretations of the
spaces and places people gather around the Comox Valley.

Sarah’s paintings focus on the connections we share with nature, wildlife and the
environment that surround us.

TaraLee’s work brings awareness to the K’ómoks estuary habitat – how it impacts us,
and how we impact it.

Trish engages the space alongside the Komoks estuary through
abstracted expressionistic work providing the viewer with poetic interpretations of the
sights, sounds and colours experienced on her Summer walks around the Comox