Object(s) as Narrative
Students of the Linda Perron’s FIN 211 Drawing II at North Island College open the art exhibit “Object(s) as Narrative” this month at the

"Paint Brush Close-Up" by Christina Nilsson
"Paint Brush Close-Up" by Christina Nilsson

Raven Hall Gallery of NIC. This exhibit will run through the summer, April 10 - September 11, during regular college hours.

As a means of exploring concepts through symbolism and metaphor, these artists have utilized the genre of Still Life, and the historical art form of the Vanita. They are expressing a narrative not only through the object(s) they have chosen to draw, but through the context the object(s) are placed in - how they are arranged on the picture plane in relation to one another, and in relation to the space surrounding them. Object(s) may stand alone, be distanced from one another, be bonded as a larger unit, or be placed by some hierarchal standards. Composition and arrangement are significant when the viewer considers and interprets these drawings. While the artists may have a specific agenda that can be deciphered in the work, every viewer brings with them a unique understanding of each object. One object may inherently contain a universal understanding of what it is and what it means, while another object in a certain persons eyes may carry with it a backstory - a narrative separate from the artists original intent. Each drawing has a story that merits contemplation and revelation.
Curated by fine arts student Sarah Bergeron, this exhibit contains works by students Sarah Bergeron, Kara Derma, Karver Everson, Zilla Fu, Danielle Furney, Sarcy Geddes, TaraLee Houston, Matt Lawson, Lisa Matsuoka, Tesla Mayenberg, Christina Nilsson, Amber Sawicki, Yvette Street, Neo Xu, Jessie Zelko.
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