Over the last crazy weeks, your CV/A staff have been neck-deep in understanding, re-inventing, pivoting and super-learning - how do we go forward in this situation??

One of the things we do is meet and share with other arts organizations around the country.

Most recently, we sat in on a discussion with BC/Yukon organizations and artists, facilitated by the Canadian Network for Arts & Learning.

One thing we've learned, really strongly, is that it's ok to sit back a bit and watch what unfolds, because it's changing every minute almost. The thing with pivoting is, often you have to do it many short degrees in succession. When circumstances are changing at such a rapid pace, a decision you make today could need to be re-made in a couple days.

All of us are working as hard as ever - navigating new funding criteria, finding new grants, recreating programming, supporting members, and advocating at all levels of government for the needs and value of arts & culture.

We have potential collaborations brewing with TOSH and Nanaimo's Port Theatre, and Gabriola Arts, too.  Arts & Culture work better when we work together!

Do you have ideas you want to bring to life? Do you need some support thinking them through, or knowing where there might be funding? Do you need help navigating the available emergency funding? Do you just need to talk?

We're here for you. Message us on Facebook or email [email protected]