The artwork of three generations of the Moore family will be on exhibit at ArtSpring: the traditional landscapes of Joseph George (J.G.) Moore, the films and mixed media of Lorne Moore and the paintings of Mary-Anne Moore.

J.G. Moore (1914-1980) was a sign painter, woodworker by trade, and float maker for the Pacific National Exhibition. He also painted traditional landscapes of B.C. He taught his son Lorne and grand-daughter Mary-Anne how to paint and do precise lettering by hand.

Lorne Moore’s work will include a documentary filmed on Salt Spring in 1977-79 and a more recent 55-minute billiards movie. In addition, Lorne will exhibit surreal scenes created to look like film stills.

Mary-Anne Moore, who was born on Salt Spring, will exhibit a selection of acrylic paintings on canvas or upcycled fabric. Her images are layered with texture and almost seem woven. They vary from abstract to realistic and colourful. Mary-Anne is a graduate of the Fine Arts Diploma Programme at the Victoria College of Art.

The opening reception is from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., Saturday, August 9th.