memory-posterMemory becomes a fact - subjective, but still a fact. To bear witness is to show by your own existence that it is true.
This group show, curated by Jenna Chalmer and Jennifer McEachern, questions the idea of memory and speculation. We invite you to come and explore with this group of artists... uncover, recover and discover your memories through their expressions.
The show includes both wall art and sculptural works by artists:
  • Sylwia Gustyn
  • Melissa Williamson
  • Megan Wilson
  • Anna Heywood – Jones
  • Vivian Lochridge
  • Shannon McKirgan
  • Roberta Denton
  • Martha Jablonski – Jones
  • Clive Powsey
  • Mary Deveau
  • Brenda Jackson
  • Sheron Julita
  • Adri Pretorius
  • Maddy Elia
  • Jenna Chalmer
  • Jennifer McEachern

Opening Reception with participating artists Friday January 11, 7pm at the Muir. Please join us!

The gallery is located at 440 Anderton Ave  Courtenay, BC.


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