Instructor — David Langevin, SFCA

Presented by Island Arts Magazine and CVA member Susan Schaefer

Langevin Valley Falls

Trees and rocks, water and sky, mountains and snow; these elements, combined with distinctive painting methods and an audacious style, have characterized the paintings of David Langevin. His striking use of light and unique painting methods creates a captivating vision of Canada's landscapes.

David Langevin is a modern day Old Master. He has a Masters of Art Education degree specializing in methods and materials for the painter.

"I teach the kind of thing I wanted to learn as a young painter, and it is the kind of information that is much harder to come by. I call it the craft of painting; the knowledge that gives you complete mastery over the materials and techniques of painting.

My contention is that you can make good paintings if you follow some good recipes, but you will be bound to the rules and never have the understanding it takes to go beyond those formulas. Conversely, good painters consistently make good paintings. Like a good cook, a great painter has a profound understanding of the materials and methods of painting and so improvising on a recipe and making changes to suit a certain aesthetic criteria is a simple matter."

David's painting style is unique as he uses an elaborate system of layers of transparent and translucent paint that create dramatic images of his subjects.

Cost : $400. (+ GST) includes lunch daily
Dates: Saturday and Sunday, Octocbe 1 - 2, 2016, 9:00 - 4:00 daily