MAY 24, 25, 26 - 2019 NANAIMO

Nanaimo artist,


This workshop has an emphasis on the effective way to achieve your own personal vision through an introduction to mark making techniques.

Your brushwork directly influences how the painting is made, and ultimately what it looks like. It is essential as an artist to experiment with their working methods and ideas through the practice of mark making. Such experimental practice will help you find your own personal style regardless which medium and style you might be working in.

This course is intended for all levels of art practice to be informative as you explore ways of approaching and developing your concepts. It is essential for an artist to recognize accidents, which are potential for expending on particular technique or future concept development. Dominik will give demonstrations through out the workshop.

You will also be introduced you to basics of meaningful art critique. We will discuss our work with an introduction to visual vocabulary. (Critique from French version of this word is spelled the same (meaning "the art of criticism") and came from the Greek kritike tekhne ("the critical art").

About Dominik

Domink J. Modlinski was born in Warsaw, Poland Nov 20, 1970. From an early age he studied printmaking and later attended the School for Artistic Crafts and Design in Warsaw. In 1987 he immigrated to Canada and studied fine arts at Ontario College of Art in Toronto, where he graduated with honours in 1993. It was while studying landscape painting, that Dominik was naturally drawn to the wilderness of Northern Ontario. Following his graduation he moved to the Algoma region of Ontario to paint at the Algoma School of Landscape Arts. Since then he peruses his passion to paint the wilderness in various locations around the globe. As a matter of course, Dominik incorporates the journey motif, his creative process and his personal growth into his work.

The artist’s work can be found in many private and corporate collections around the world. Dominik exhibits regularly and is represented by numerous art galleries such He is represented by “ Canada House “, Banff, AB., “ Koyman Galleries “, Ottawa, ON, “ Hambelton Galleries, “ Kelowna, BC, “ Mountain Galleries “, Whistler, BC Jasper, AB, “ John A. Libby Fine Art “, Toronto, ON. “ Medicine Man Gallery’ Phoenix AZ and Santa Fe NM. , “ Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.  His work is also published by Nature’s Scene in Georgetown, ON.