A summer update from CVA member & Courtenay artist, Lucy Schappy

This has been a very fertile season for me and my art...
Turning to making smaller works for a show such as the Filberg Festival ultimately gives me an opportunity to play and explore doing work that I have not done before or at least, have not done for a while. This summer I've been obsessed with making figurative work.

The new liquid acrylic paints that I discovered last winter have been perfect for making small, detailed paintings. I love the smooth, flat texture and fine grain of the birch panels. Working small means you get to make lots, and that you spend less time on each one which leaves more opportunity to experiment. I love the thrill of starting fresh and not knowing exactly how it will turn out. Every one of the women that I create has her own character and personality. I feel like I have a relationship with each of them, they all have their own story and it draws me in. I am absolutely loving the process of painting these tiny women!

Developing this body of work is timely. It coincides with a coming to terms with my own body and self image. I have spent far too many years hiding myself and my imperfections from the world, focusing on my flaws rather than my strengths. Finally I am learning how to celebrate what I have, and all that is good, or at least good enough. These sassy or contemplative girls all remind me that its enough just to be yourself, that what you are is beautiful, that you have a unique gift to give to the world.

For now I am so content to sit happily for hours making these little vignettes. What a blissful way to spend a summer day! The joy is complete when someone falls in love with one and takes it home. It is so fulfilling to be creating something that has the power to make someone happy whenever they see it, to brighten up a corner or a room.

I hope that you can come to see me and meet the girls, maybe fall in love with one and take her home...