Motif Music Studios is proud to have Larissa McLean’s artwork fill their walls with her artistic warmth, beauty and cheer.  

Larissa says that she has always known her calling.  At age 6, she told her parents she was going to be an artist.  That summer, instead of a lemonade stand, she made an art stand and sold her first pieces.  Gardening was another childhood love and it grew to intertwine with her art.  Larissa’s art is filled with floral and nature themes, unique uses of colour and texture and she puts much of her heart and soul into planning each piece.  Some of her pieces at Motif Music Studios even have sheet music embedded in the piece in unique ways.

Larissa obtained an Arts Degree from the Alberta College of Art and Design and then continued to the University of British Columbia for her Bachelor degree in Education.  She is also a member of The Alberta Printmaker’s Society and The Alberta Society of Artists. 

Larissa couldn’t resists the call of the West Coast and continues to create art in harmony with the vibrant ecosystem in the Comox Valley.

Motif owners and staff were reminded of the importance of collaboration and sharing the news about our local artists when one of Larissa McLean’s art pieces being shown at Motif, was recently purchased by a Vancouver arts enthusiast.

It’s an incredible feeling to support one of our Comox Valley artists and Motif Music Studios looks forward to continuing to cheer on the artists in our community.

To view Larissa’s online gallery or find out more about her recent work you can visit