This is  2 full days to Further develop skills for those who have limited or no experience with watercolour but always admired it or been intimidated by the medium.  It is assumed you have had “some”experience with using watercolour ...

In this class we will be focusing on Edge and Value control for highlights and shadows.

We will work on basic images to strengthen our skills ... and ... i am sure we will find time to work on a couple of christmas themed cards!

As always this is Meant to be FUN ... this is a skill class!

Classes will given at the MAC (McMillan Art Center) Parksville.

133 McMillan Street
Parksville BC


Monday and Tuesday November 23/24  930-330 pm ...

CLASS SIZE is limited (due to Covid restrictions and protocols) so register early.

If you can be seated with someone in your “bubble” please let us know so we can organize accordingly...

Distancing and Disinfecting will happen!  And masks too please.

Price $200.

1).     call or Text CARLA 250-240-3840
2).     Or [email protected]

I will then send you a link to pay electronically (or you can bring CASH to the class)
and I will send the supply list.

but..... in case you are a keener..... bring what you have... i always have extra stuff if you don’t “have” the stuff on the list.... this isn’t about having the right colours or brushes it is about skills.

If you do purchase something ... get ARTIST GRADE paints and paper!  Brands that are artist grade are ... QOR, Daniel Smith, M Graham, Holbein, Windsor Newton.

The one thing you do need to have is one (two if you can) full sheets (22”x 30”) of 140lb, cold Press, 100% cotton, Watercolour paper...common brands are Arches, and Fabriano .
They can be purchased locally at the Qualicum Stationers, Iron Oxide in Nanaimo or Opus in Victoria.

Please precut your sheets into 4 pieces ... easier to handle and we only paint on small stuff anyhow!!!