Kathy Klassen and her son, Josh Klassen, are displaying their work, Let’s Stick Together: A Textile Collaboration, at the Hub Cafe for the month of January. They invite you to come to the opening on Sat. the 4th of January, from 1-3 pm. Grab some delicious coffee or lunch and enjoy some live music provided by Quiet Type Writers.

"Let’s stick together" is a mother son collaboration combining Kathy’s expert quilting abilities with Josh's eagerness to expand the world of his faces to as many mediums as possible. These pieces combine bold beautiful patterns, hand died fabric and high contrasting colour combinations as backgrounds for patches of free motion continuous contour drawings of groups of faces with thread.


Kathy Klassen's quilting career spans more than 35 years.  It is possible that quilting is in her genes, given her Mennonite heritage.  A lifetime of quilting began with making quilts for family and friends.  A full time career in fabric arts has evolved from these beginnings.  She has created commissioned quilts, hand dyed fabric, and exhibited and spoke at quilting shows and events.

Kathy Klassen's quilts have been exhibited at solo and group quilt shows on Vancouver Island, and in a solo quilt show in Winnipeg.  Commissioned quilts hang throughout Canada, USA, Europe, and Australasia.

Kathy's studio is located at her home in Black Creek. This studio is where she plans on spending more of her free time finishing up old projects, creating new ones and using up her stash.

Josh Klassen has been creating art his whole life. After one year of Fine Arts studies he decided to pursue a lifestyle of learning through hands-on experience.  From doodling on freight trains in his formative years to community murals with youth; from sprucing up neighborhood garage doors to doing graphic design; from commissioned portraits to solo café shows and making hip-hop music. It has been an interesting journey thus far to say the least. He grew up in rural Black Creek and he currently lives with his wife and daughter in Courtenay