braineaterJim Cummins AKA “I, Braineater” is ground zero in the Vancouver punk underground art world since it’s inception in the late 1970s.  Involved in performance arts, painting, photography, film and music, Cummins’ work has been featured in film, television and magazines, and has appeared in a multitude of solo and group exhibits worldwide.  A ‘witty’, ambiguous commentator on popular culture, a Vancouver artrock icon, the creator of the popular ‘blockhead’ character that shows up on everything from t-shirts to album covers, Jim Cummins’ works have been described as ‘a mélange of science fiction and sword and sorcery, flavored with punk mythoilogy.

Scott Watson, department head of Art History Visual Art & Theory at University of British Columbia Scott Watson wrote of the Braineaters in Vanguard Magazine 1982, ““In the Braineaters work, there is clearly a great deal of conviction and it is with a certain pride that I can note that they are much better painters than any of the German or New York neo-expressioinists now glutting the market…”. Canadian Art Magazine writes in an early 1980s article on Vancouver, “Braineater (a.k.a.Jim Cummins) at the Montgomery Café – his manic and compulsive passion for making art matched only by his genius for self-promotion. I Braineater is I, Vancouver.”  Even Douglas Coupland has weighed in with “Jim Cummins of I, Braineater is one of the few cool things about 1980s Vancouver, along with the Montgomery Café.”   It is no surprise that in 1987, Flare Magazine, Canada’s tentpole fashion mag, declared Jim one of the most eligible bachelors in Canada.

While his video “punkerooni” was showcased at the National Art Gallery of Canada and his early recording re-issued by Steve Turner’s Super Electro Records, two of Jim’s paintings have been absorbed into the Vancouver  Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

Jim Cummins is a one – man band that rock ‘n rolls the art world.
~Toronto Star.

When: Thursday June 6  - Muir Gallery – 7pm (and then during the day Friday & Sat Jim will be in attendance at the Gallery)

Friday June 7 – The Venue Formerly Known as Joe’s Garage – 9pm