At the Comox Valley Art Gallery we're preparing for the opening this Saturday of our first convergent program of 2020: IN THE WATER.

And you can help out by bringing water samples and stories from a source that is special to you. (See details on our Facebook post). As part of ROOT LOVE (interactive window installation) you are also invited to bring non-invasive cuttings and rootings to share and exchange.

Saturday's art opening features a reception, a talk by Winnipeg-based artist KC Adams, a reading by Spencer Sheehan-Kalina, and community make art projects. Everyone is welcome to attend starting at 1pm.

The IN THE WATER convergent program runs from January 18 to February 29. It enfolds Adams' exhibition BIRCHBARK TECHNOLOGYher production and community residency SINGING TO THE WATER, the ROOT LOVE interactive window exhibition, and a collaborative community incubator project WATER (re)SOURCE, which includes 300 works by local school children.

Adams, who is of Cree and Ojibway decent, says of BIRCHBARK TECHNOLOGY“This work explores the relationship I have with my ancestors’ territorial land and water …I am interested in my ancestors’ knowledge and how they worked with land and water technologies to thrive.”

In the week prior to the opening, Adams is working on sight at CVAG, undertaking the production and community residency SINGING TO THE WATERShe is preparing new work and embellishing existing work that embraces traditional and contemporary technologies. The artist’s creative practice engages the local community through the act of making and ceremony to whet the “blood memory” of our fundamental relationship to the land and to water.

WATER (re)SOURCE and ROOT LOVE are community incubator projects that include a collaborative repository and collective studies that reflect memory, perceptions, experiences, and relationships with the water that surrounds and permeates everything in our world.

WATER (re)SOURCE incubator projects include:

  • DRAWING WATER -- arts-based explorations by Queneesh Elementary students
  • WATER CYCLES -- environmental research and art by Beachcomber Academy students and educators
  • A REPOSITORY FOR WATER -- invites community contributions and collaborations throughout the program in CVAG's Gather:Place.
everywhere we turn there is water / the land and our lives flow with it